Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters – Day 2

Jaws made its cinematic debut in 1975. Not even in double digits at the time I have memories that still gives me shivers even though I never saw the movie. Ever. One of the neighborhood kids decided it would be okay to tell me, an under 10 year old, about the movie. That led to … Continue reading Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters – Day 2


Posted Love

This morning after video messaging a friend singing, "girl you're amazing just the way you are!" the thought of sitting in a quiet Church yesterday and thinking about the first reflection for Forty Days of Prayer for the Creative bounced against the inner walls of my head like so many bouncy balls. Genesis 1 … Continue reading Posted Love

Creativity, Love, and Quilting

Sometimes things feel harder stone. Or they're dang hard making the relief afterward is so blessed that you begin to wonder what the ever lovin' heck was I waiting for. I got help that made a hard task less burdensome. Well this opened the door to Creativity. And Creativity opened the door to a … Continue reading Creativity, Love, and Quilting


Last night I read Caralyn's Awarness VS Understanding with an ear toward listening, understanding. I've been aware of anorexia, and bulimia since Cynthia Gibb played Karen Carpenter in The Karen Carpenter Story. Caralyn's blog, Beauty Beyond Bones, where she shares her experience with anorexia is a beginning to understanding these serious disorders, how they effect the person, … Continue reading Examen-ing