A song in the head is worth

Waking up with a song in my head is something of a frequent occurrence that often leads to a faith in quilting connection. It's been a little while since this is happened and the connection is a little elusive. I woke up with the refrain of the song: "We Exalt Your Name" by Kari Jobe … Continue reading A song in the head is worth


Of Roller Coasters & Dreams

I secretly like roller coasters. They totally freak me out though. It's the Anticipation of What Might Happen that gets me.  The slow clicking movement to the top and that first drop -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Seriously. Anticipation does more to mess with my head than anything else. I can think through the Worst Case Scenario like nobody's … Continue reading Of Roller Coasters & Dreams