Posted Love

This morning after video messaging a friend singing, "girl you're amazing just the way you are!" the thought of sitting in a quiet Church yesterday and thinking about the first reflection for Forty Days of Prayer for the Creative bounced against the inner walls of my head like so many bouncy balls. Genesis 1 … Continue reading Posted Love


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Going for the Spring Green here, because there is icky white stuff on the ground. *Shudder!* As I glanced out my window into my front yard, there, rising from the snow covered ground is a hyacinth, brightly purple against the white snow. During the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday) I read … Continue reading Happy Easter!

Unraveling my Heart

Over the last few days I've enjoyed, and deeply benefited from an enchanting romp with Creative Brain. Sitting at the machine and stitching is leading to thoughts of so many other projects. And starting of projects, it's overwhelming in a good way. It's nearly time to start the idea list back up. I have … Continue reading Unraveling my Heart